GLS Industries have come with new division of coating. ie. Disivion: Teflon & Powder Coating. To serve io the fields of Chemicals, Food Processing, Non-stick Process, Pharmaceuticals, Valves, Texties, Automobile, Engineering industries.

Halar coating(ECTFE)
H A L A R C O A T I N G  

HALAR ECTFE Is a melt process able Fluoro polymer from Solvay Solexis (Italy). It possesses a unique Combination of Properties as a result of it chemical structure a 1:1 alternating copolymer of ethylene and chloloteifluoroethylene.

HALAR FLUORO POLYMER offer excellent chemical resistance and is no effected by aromatic, aliphatic and chlorinated solvent it also doesn’t react with Bases, salt, strong bases, salt water, Hydraulic fluid, Lube Oil, Deia fluid, Strong Acids, Strong Oxidants, UV Light, Petroleum, Fungus. It has a little effect on Esters & Kytones, no known solvent dissolves or stress cracks the polymer at temperature up to 120dego (250degF).

HALAR FLUORO POLYMER has good electrical properties, broad use temperature from cryogenic to 160deg.F (310deg.F) and meets the requirements of the UL 94 V-O flame test in thickness as low as 7 mils. It is a tough material with excellent impact strength over its broad use temperature range.


HALAR FLUORO POLYMERS are also available in primer grades. Which can be applied directly to metal substrates by electro static or fluidized bed Coated Technique? An object should be coated with primer and a top coat resin than applied over the primer.

HALAR 6503 AND 6504 Primer resin impact a black colour to coated object while HALAR 6614 impact grey – green colour.

HALAR FLUORO POLYMER primer should be applied if the coated article is to be used in a corrosive environment. If coated articles are damaged exposing the substrate to a corrosive environment, then corrosive gases can permeate the coating causing the substrate to corrode and the coating to liftoff.

HALAR FLUORO POLYMER primer helps to protect against lift off .If the coating is damaged. HALAR FLUORO POLYMER primer may also be used to maximize adhesion to steel, aluminum, copper, based always or stainless steel.

HALAR FLUORO POLYMER primer grades are designated as:-

  • 6513 fluid bed primer for use with 5003 or 6013 resin.
  • 6514 Electrostatic primer for use with 5004 or 6014 resin.
  • 6614 Electrostatic primer for use with 5004 or 6014 resin.
HALAR ECTFE also maintains useful properties on exposure to about 60 radiation of dosages of 200 megrades It is one of the best FLUORO POLYMER for abrasion resistance.


  • Tensile strength @ 23oC (770 F) - 4700 PSI at yield
  • Elongation – 5% at yield
  • Impact resistance Izod notched at 40 J/m
  • Dielectric strength at 0.025mm thick – 80 KV/mm
  • Dielectric Constant at 10^3 Hz – 2.50
  • Dissipation factory at 10^3hz – 0.0017
  • Melting point – 320oC (428oF)
  • Maximum Service temp - 160oC (310o F)
  • Specific Gravity – 1.68 + 0.5
  • Moisture absorption - < 0.1
  • Excellent weathering resistance
  • Coating thickness – 0.8mm to 1mm
  • Colour – Green
In exceptional circumstances, higher temperature can be achieved possible up to 300oC. However, additional precaution are required and we recommend that out Technical Department is again consulted.

The tensile strength of borosilicate glass tends to increase and equipment can be used at temperature as low as -50oC.

• Centrifuge machines (14”, 24”, 36”, 48) Vacuum pumps in Chemical Enviourment impeller filter
• Vessel, Reactors & Thermo wells, Stirrers, Pipe Bends, Reducer, Tees, dryer, Coupling Flanges


Xylan Coatings
X Y L A N C O A T I N G  

XYLAN is trade name of thin film FLUORO POLYMER coating from WHITFORD WORLDWIDE. Secondly by ILAG Swiss.

XYLAN coating were originally developed out of fluroplastics (PTFE ETC.) but with continued development of polymers that can be use for binder system and adhesion promoters, the performance of coating has improved considerably.

XYLAN is the biggest or the widest range of application such as:-

1. Use as a Lubrication & wear Resistance.
2. Use as a Seal.
3. Use as a Non-stick coating.
4. Use as a material Handling.
5. Use under condition of corrosion.
Coating Thickness:- 20 Micron to 400 micron (0.02mm to 0.4mm)

Following are the wide arrange of XYLAN offer by us.

XYLAN -1010

Is the most dependable, most versatile, & Successful Industrial FLUORO POLYMER coating in the world. Xylan1010 have many uses & different application based on. Properties also differed.

  1. Spring:- Abrasion resistance with stand the rubbing that occur during flex.
  2. Threaded Fasteners:- XYLAN fights in salt water. Coating resins blistering, oxidation, hydrogen embitterment. Withstand extreme temperatures. Torque remain constant.
  3. Valve Parts:- Excellent wear resistance provided to multiple operation. Coating resistance to most of the chemicals & will not freeze.
  4. Piston:- Superb chemical resistance to automotive fluid, low coefficient of friction for easy cycling and good performance at high temperature
It’s mostly used for dry lubrication which has excellent low friction wear resistance properties.

It’s an ideal coating for the use in bearing surface, either dry or in combination with mineral oil lubricants. It has excellent resistance to commonly used machine fluids, that is minerals oil & grease, petroleum, jet fuel, skydrol, and other hydraulic fluid, and can therefore be used in most common light & medium engineering application.

Operation Temperature: - - 1950°C to + 2850°C

XYLAN 1014

1014 is a variant of 1010 with superior abrasion resistance and better resistance of environment corrosion and chemical attack. Because it has a lower PTFE loading, its self lubricant properties are not quite as good as 1010, although with it superior toughness and resistance to gritty abrasion, it to an excellent choice for medium to high load non- seizure application, under adventure environment conditions. Typical uses: - Coating of moving parts of plug, ball and gate valves (oil & Chemical Process industries) stud bots & nuts, especially for exterior use in dusty and gritty surroundings, automobile, doors hinge pins.


Operation Temperature: - - 1950C to + 2850°C

XYLAN 1052

This Variant, which contains Molybdenum disulphide as well as PTFE, was formulated for extreme presser’s applications, i.e. in excess of 1, 00,000 PSI. (Even as high as 1,00,000 PSI in one case). Typical uses:- are normally very high load, in our velocity applications such as bridge Expansion pads, steal Houser tensioning chucks.

Operation Temperature:- UPTO + 2850° C

XYLAN 8840

This is based on the FLUORO POLYMER FEP and has a very high order of non-stick. it is used widely in many demanding non-stick applications from Sweet and chocolate moulds, cake trays, to tyre moulds, textile drying holders heat sealing blades and even to solve the notoriously sticky problems of releasing blown polymer thane foams.

This is based on the FLUORO POLYMER FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) and it has very high order of non-stick properties.

Colour: - Green

Work Done: - Pharmaceutical Industries

Temperature: - +285 Degree.



High ~ Low Density Polyhycene (HDPE) Coating
H I G H D E N S I T Y P O L Y H Y C E N E C O A T I N G  

Polythrelene are Semi- crystalline material with excellent Chemical resistance, good fatigue and wear resistance and a wide range of properties. Representing the largest portion of the polyethylene application, HDPE offer excellent impact resistance, light weight low moisture absorption tensile strength HDPE is also non-toxic and non- staining and mea FDA and USDA Certification for food.

PROPERTIES     HDPE Coating can be done on  

Density: - 0.95 g/cm 3
Water absorption :- <0
Tensile stungh: - 4600 PSI
Max operating Temperature: - 820
Coating Thickeners: - 0.8mm to 2mm
Colour: - Green


• Chemical Storage tanks of any capacity.
• Chemical transportation tanks. Coupling Flanges.

L O W D E N S I T Y P O L Y H Y C E N E C O A T I N G  

LDPE offer good Corrosion resistance and low moisture permeability. It can be used in applications where Corrosion resistance to impact ant, but stiffeners, high temperature and structural strength are not.

PROPERTIES     LDPE Coating can be done on  

Density: - 0.92 g/cm 3
Water absorption :- <0.01
Tensile stungh: - 1800 2200 PSI
Max operating Temperature: - 710
Coating Thickeners: - 0.8mm to 1.5mm
Colour: - Navy blue & black


• Chemical Storage tanks of any capacity.
• Cable wire Coating, Holder of various tools.


Vicote Coating
V I C O T E    C O A T I N G  

The Next Generation of Coatings...

VICOTE® Coatings, powder and liquid dispersions, based on VICTREX® PEEK™ polymer offer exceptional scratch and wear resistance, high temperature performance, strength and durability.

Eco-friendly VICOTE Coatings were developed to fill the performance gap found in many existing coating technologies today. Whether applied to industrial, automotive, food processing, semiconductor, electronics or pharmaceutical parts, VICOTE Coatings are a great choice for engineers looking to improve the wear performance and life of the coated part in their applications. VICOTE Coatings can be applied using electrostatic or conventional dispersion spray techniques.

The main ingredient of VICOTE Coatings is VICTREX® PEEK™ polymer, a linear, aromatic, semi-crystalline thermoplastic, widely regarded as one of the highest performing thermoplastic materials in the world. It offers a unique combination of properties to help processors and end-users reach new levels of cost savings, performance, and product differentiation.

VICOTE Coatings, as well as VICTREX PEEK polymer, are products manufactured by Victrex plc, a global manufacturer of innovative high performance materials. With production facilities based in the UK and backed by sales and distribution centers serving more than 30 countries worldwide, Victrex’s global market development sales and technical support services work hand-in-hand with customers offering practical assistance in the areas of processing, design and application development and training.

Key Benefits

L Exceptional Abrasion Resistance 
very hard, tough, and scratch resistant.

L Excellent Mechanical Properties 
including wear, creep and cut through resistance. Extremely durable at high temperatures.

L Excellent Wear Surface  
an excellent wear counterface to hard surfaces like steel and ceramics. Non-galling with low particulation and non- sloughing.

L Good Lubricity  
offers a smooth and uniform surface.

L High Load Bearing Surface 
one of the strongest thermoplastic coatings on the market. Very resistant to creep and flow caused by compression.

L Excellent Radiation Resistance 
VICOTE 700 grades exhibit excellent radiation resistance. Can withstand high doses of Gamma radiation (> 109 Rads) without embrittlement.

L High Temperature Performance 
one of the highest performing poly mers available where continuous high temperature performance up to 260°C (500°F) is required. Withstands lead-free soldering temperatures. VICOTE 708, 709, F813 Blk and F814 grades are based on VICTREX PEEK-HT for even higher temperature per-formance up to 280ºC (550ºF) and enhanced mechanical properties.


L Very Good Barrier Properties 
can be used as an effective barrier against many liquids and gasses. The barrier properties will depend on the service temperature, pressure and coating thickness as well as the concentration of the chemicals. A dry film thickness (DFT) of 100 microns of VICOTE Coatings should be used as a minimum.

L Low Specific Gravity 
greater cover age than fluoropolymers.

L Low Outgassing and Extractables 
where high purity and low contami nation levels are key requirements.

L RoHS Compliance  
the majority of grades comply with European RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) legislation that restricts the use of six hazardous materials found in a wide range of products including electrical and electronic products.


majority of dispersion grades are aqueous (water) based and are formulated to contain some of the industry’s lowest levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

L Very Good Chemical Resistance 
insoluble in all common solvents. Excellent resistance to acids, bases, hydrocarbons, salts and steam.

L One-Coat System – no primer
required with proper substrate pre- treatment.

L Good Electrical Insulative Properties 
very stable electrical insulative prop erties over a wide range of tempera tures, frequencies and humidities

L Halogen Free, Low Smoke and Toxicity 
select grades are inherently
UL V-O materials at 1.5 mm (.06 in). VICTREX PEEK polymer is classified as halogen-free according to the defini tion in IEC 61294-2-21.

L Ease of Processing 
process tempera tures between 380°C to 420°C (716°F to 788°F).

L FDA Compliance 
the majority of VICOTE grades can be used in envi ronments involving food contact.

L Low Moisture Absorption and Excellent Hydrolysis Resistance 
properties are unaffected by expo sure to water, humidity and steam.


Powder Coating

Powder coating generally done of all types colour by us. On various parts that can be commercial or others products. We generally coat for structure parts that use f9or fitting assembly.


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